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Entering the Unknown

This is what we are most afraid of. The Unknown.

“Where am I going?", “What’s going to happen?" We are always asking these questions. (The real question is ‘what am I manifesting?' but that’s a whole other post).

I used to be so afraid of the deep ocean. I always imagined sharks and eels and everything else biting my legs, pulling me down, overcoming me, devouring me. I imagined myself struggling to breathe. Bleeding. Dying.

The ocean is the ultimate metaphor for The Unknown. All that water, and you can only see a tiny portion of it. But you know what else is an ultimate metaphor? Yup, we call it God. You can also call it the Universe, the Cosmos, the Divine, Consciousness, Source, the Quantum Field, Pure Potentiality, Love, Infinity (feel free to add some more in the comments).

The Unknown is actually present in every moment, it’s just that we are not present to it. Anything can happen. Right. Now. The ceiling could fall in. An earthquake could happen. Someone could bust in on you with a gun. Right. Now. BUT. Someone could send you an email offering you your dream job. Someone could call to tell you you’ve inherited $100,000. A war could end. All possibilities are available. Right. Now. If you believe.

We have witnessed through history, the unending cycles of dysfunctionality, greed, poverty, inequality, ignorance, hatred, darkness. How do we get to something else? How do we create a New Earth (also another post)? The only way is through the Unknown.

If we imagine our highest possibility with our minds, all we are doing is putting fragments of what we already know together, to create a new combination of the known. We remain at the same level of possibility – just moving the puzzle pieces around. There can be nothing completely new from what we know.

The Highest version of our Self is Unknown - and continuously Unknown into Infinity (so many other posts to write!). If we are to truly discover our power, we have to journey there. We have to be OK with not knowing. We have to give up our destiny to the Higher Knowing that is Within Us and Beyond Us. We have to be OK to walk one step at a time, each step further into the Unknown. We have to rewire our subconscious to real-eyes that the Unknown embraces us. It loves us. It’s been waiting to show us the wonder of ourselves; the brilliance of our creativity. The Unknown IS us. We just need to step into that power. It’s all there. More than you ever dreamed. You just don’t know what it is. Yet. And that’ a good thing!

(Shout out if you need some help getting there).

Much love,


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