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Creativity needs space. Creativity needs Ease. Pure creativity is not trying, it is flowing. It is Allowing things to come.

To create you have to follow your InSelf. Feel each moment and what your InSelf needs, or wants to Express. What you feel like doing, not what you think you should do. Your InSelf is naturally drawn to Balance. Its nature is to be In-Balance. So when you are stressed, its nature is to heal that stress. The greater the stress the greater the response. When we ignore the response, the response gets louder and louder, and more and more insistent. Things start to go out of whack for your body and mind; they stop functioning, or over-function. But even this break-down is a path to healing. A rocky path, a difficult path, but a path nevertheless. For it eventually forces you to stop. And that stopping is the beginning of space, healing and creativity.

The smoother path is the path of Allowing, not Resisting; Listening, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense

. Follow the InSelf when it tells you to stop. Follow the InSelf when it tells you to do something else. Follow the InSelf when it tells you to rest. That is the path of Allowing and Flow. Though this path is soft, it is not for the weak, neither is it for the Fearful. It is for those who have the courage to go with Life. Those who know that they have the power to Accept whatever comes. Those who are strong enough to disregard the outside – the norms; what They say you should do; what makes ‘sense’; or what is ‘right’. This path is for those who are acute enough to hear the InSelf. Those who have the courage to Trust. Those who understand there is no Failure, only Experience.

This is Way of Yin.

Yin is Acceptance. Yin is Flow. Yin is Water. Yin is Soft and Strong.

This World has taught us that to accept is to be Weak. That Strength is in forging our way in the world through sheer Will. That is the Way of Yang. That Way is worshipped; this Way is not seen. But This Time is teaching us Yin. Teaching us Surrender. God’s cough stopped the World so we can learn to Accept and Allow, and Become. To Create a new World. A World that is a projection of our True Self. A World where Simplicity and Abundance go hand in hand. A World where we are truly Free to Be. Where we have the space to be Creative. A World where our Work is our Joy and our Joy is our Offering.

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