“If you bring forth that which is within you, that which is within you will save you."

Jesus Christ

The Gospel of Thomas

Deep Transformation

We all struggle with challenges. Whatever areas of our life, whether they be in our professional life, our relationships, around our financial prosperity or in dis-eases of the mind and body, these challenges are actually doorways to our highest Self. 

We each carry wounds in our psyche that manifest as repeated patterns of behaviour and reactivity, addiction, phobias, chronic illnesses and so on. These wounds exist at the sub-conscious level, driving our behaviour, dictating our experience of people and the world, creating our very reality. Because they are sub-conscious, we are mostly unaware of them. And the sub-conscious is 95% of our mind. 

I work with clients to access and heal deep-rooted negative beliefs that are functioning at the sub-conscious level.  “I am weak”, “I am a failure” "I am not good enough" "I am not worthy" "Life doesn't work for me" "I will never find love" - these are limiting beliefs that hold us back from our true potential and keep us trapped in realities we don't want to be in. “I am competent”, “I am strong”, "I am calm" "I am beautiful" - these are positive beliefs that empower us, allow us to be our best selves and live the life we dream of. Using coaching, intuitive guidance and PSYCH-K®, I work one-to-one with people to facilitate a process of personal transformation at the deepest level. 

I work with individuals interested in overcoming challenges, building personal power and transforming life from struggle and scarcity, to ease, grace and abundance. 

I offer one-to-one sessions that transform negative and limiting beliefs using a combination of coaching, intuitive guidance and the powerful tool of PSYCH-K®. The process provides accelerated change and offers you the ability to make deep and powerful shifts... permanently.  Sound too good to be true? 'Change is hard' is just another belief!

What Can Deep Transformation Help You With?

These are some of the areas of life in which deep transformation can be used to facilitate healing and change. It is also possible to address several areas of challenge in a series of sessions.

  • Professional life, work mindset and leadership

  • Relationships and love

  • Abundance, financial prosperity, manifestation and flow

  • Phobias, anxieties and stress

  • Physical and mental wellness

  • Mind-body connection

  • Grief and loss

  • Self-worth and personal growth

  • Spirituality

  • Addiction and its root causes


My session was transformative . I left with a lot of clarity, peace and acceptance. Neha creates a space of non-judgement and flowing energy. She has a calming presence and you can open up to her really easily. An amazing experience.

Sunaina Choda
Owner, Lakira Camp

I always feel uplifted and a sense of clarity after a session with Neha. I feel that she works through a higher connective source.  Through the space that she creates of unconditional love and non-judgement and her intuitive guidance, she helps you to transform and connect with your inner power.

Marisa Van Vuuren,
Founder / Owner, Yoga Zanzibar

I felt lucky to have a guide as knowledgeable and skilled as Neha. Through PSYCH-K® and with Neha's facilitation, I got reconnected with important experiences and insights from my past, and used them to move towards a more positive and creative path. 

Daniela Rapisarsda

Zee Pitt,
Artist & Heart-Math Coach
South Africa


Deep Transformation combines several different techniques to powerful effect, but is built on the foundation of PSYCH-K®. Scroll down to learn more about PSYCH-K®. 

Coaching: I offer a safe space of non-judgement and use coaching methodology and mirroring to help you (i) navigate your inner world; (ii) identify limiting and negative beliefs that are holding you back; and (iii) feel and articulate what you desire so that you can then shift your thinking at the deepest level of the mind and transform that area of your life.


Intuitive Guidance: I provide guidance through energetic perception and intuitive wisdom that gives you insight and a greater understanding of your self and your journey. This intuitive guidance helps you to find your way to the root of the issue so that you can then build upwards, based on a solid foundation of core beliefs. 

PSYCH-K®: PSYCH-K® is a groundbreaking process derived from ancient mind-body knowledge and cutting-edge neuro and biological science that allows you to safely and permanently change beliefs at the sub-conscious level. Learn more here.