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Whether you know it or not, your Soul has the capacity to heal others, and to heal this world. Whatever your gifts and whatever your purpose. You are a Healer. But we cannot unlock these gifts and alchemise them into their most powerful possibilities, if we ourselves do not Heal. In this Series of 8 monthly masterclasses, we will dive deep into the mysterious waters of the Healing Realm.. to give you the Keys to your own Power.... to help you be a Guide for yourself and for others... and to give you the tools to become a Light unto this World. More detailed information on the program is provided below.


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Program Details


A monthly 2-3 hour masterclass, every first Saturday of the month. Additionally you will have access to one-to-one mentoring during weekly 'office hours'. There will also be online forum where you will regularly receive channelled insights and answers to questions.


This Series is for anyone who wants go deep into Healing, whether you are a practicing Healer, or simply on your own Healing journey. Teachings will be advanced, but also built upon foundation knowledge for all levels to participate. 


I always teach and channel intuitively, and so the exact sequence of teachings will emerge through the process (rather than being structured prior). This allows me to really feel exactly how the teachings want to be presented to you. Nevertheless, there are key subject areas that will be covered as integral parts of the overall theme of the series. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Intuition

  • Your Soul's Unique Process

  • Laws of the Universe

  • The Human System 

  • The Deep Mind

  • The Power of Emotions

  • Sacred Feminine and Masculine

  • Shadow and Light

  • The Healing Journey

  • Past Lives

  • Dimensions of Reality

  • Dark Energy


If you're a professional Healer, then this series will:

  • Elevate and expand your healing practice through integrating knowledge, wisdom and new tools and techniques

  • Gain more access to your own healing power(s) in your practice

  • Deepen and expand your intuition 

  • Gain an in-depth understanding and high-level overview of the mechanics of Healing

  • Deepen the articulation of your own unique healing process and practice 

If you're on your own Healing journey and taking this series to go deeper, then you will: 

  • Open yourSelf to your gifts and power

  • Deepen your knowledge of the Healing realm

  • Learn tools to become your own Healer and Guide

  • Open and expand your intuition 

  • Elevate your consciousness and expand your energy


If you are interested in participating in this Series, but genuinely cannot financially afford to access it, please fill out this form.

If you'd like to participate in masterclasses individually, as you feel called. You can purchase an individual masterclass here

Masterclass 1

(available free for a limited time)

Healer Masterclass: 1 Healer Heal ThySelf
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Every being in the cosmos is a Healer, no matter what you do. In this masterclass we look at what Healing is, our unique soul purpose(s) and how we can access greater power in that purpose. This masterclass includes a powerful 35min meditation that (re)-initiates you as a Healer and begins a healing process for a new level of your power.  


If you'd like to share feedback after watching the masterclass, I'd love to hear from you.

You can email me at

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