One common mistake is to think that one reality is THE reality. We must always be prepared to leave one reality for a greater one.

Mother Meera

Deep Learning

Spiritual Philosophy is the wisdom of the ages. From Confuscious to Jesus, from the systematic and vast knowledge in the ancient vedas to the timeless wisdom of Bob Marley, philosophy has guided great leaders, movements and individuals from all walks of life. Spiritual philosophy, if understood and applied, leads to transformation and the unfolding of the greatest power there is: spiritual power. All of us have this power and can apply it in our lives to create and express our highest life and Self. It can guide our work, our love, our parenting, our life.

I offer talks and courses in Spiritual Philosophy for groups and organisations. Whether your group of friends would like to gain an understanding spiritual philosophy and its application to everyday life, or your organisation wishes to understand these ancient and powerful concepts and principles and apply them to their work in the world, I offer both set and bespoke courses, workshops and lectures. 

What Can You Gain from Deep Learning?

  • An A to Z  of spiritual theory - the biggest hows and why's of the universe and our existence and place in it

  • A different way of understanding life and the way to live it

  • The science of spirituality - what science is now discovering about the spiritual realm and how it operates

  • How you can use spiritual laws to create your most fulfilling life

  • How you can apply spirituality in your work and in the world

  • Techniques and tools to access your creativity and inner wisdom and knowledge

  • A spiritual 'vocabulary' that will allow you to access teachings and knowledge independently and build your own spiritual framework

On Now!!
Deep Learning Weekly Class

From 21 July 2021, Neha will be teaching a Spolosophy class online every week. In this weekly class she will cover spiritual philosophy and how it relates to our life and the world.


The weekly class offers you a mental sanctuary to go deeper into the world of wisdom and re-connect to yourSelf. Each week a different topic will be covered.

The class is accesible to anyone with an internet connection with Pay at Your Level pricing. 

Join now, and begin a journey of self-discovery.  







I believe Neha's mission is to bring out the best in you. She gives you that little nudge required to grow to your full potential and she does it ever so gracefully, without pressure, but simply by inspiring you to be the best version of yourself. If you come across her class, take it. You are here for a reason and you are definitely in for a ride!

Su Olgac

Neha's teachings are profound and from the heart. She has a gift in conveying complex philosophical ideas and its practical application in everyday life. She is articulate and authentic and her teachings are shared not just from a theoretical point but from her own life experience.

Neha's course helped me understand the fundamental principles of life and the universe. I realised many of my previous undertakings  had not been aligned with these principles, limiting my effectiveness. By thinking and working in harmony with them now, I am now able to manifest the reality I want for myself and those I care about, with increased enjoyment and ease. 

Edgar Kimathi
Founder, Conscious Kenya

Marisa Van Vuuren,
Founder & Owner, Yoga Zanzibar

Courses and Workshops


I can work with you to tailor courses, lectures to suit your particular needs and interests. Below are some of the set courses and classes I have taught. 



  • Cosmology and the Nature of Reality (Jnana Yoga) 

  • The Elements of Human Existence (Raja Yoga) 

  • Work and Action (Karma Yoga) 

  • The Heart and Love (Bhakti Yoga) 

  • Yin and Yang (Mastery and Acceptance) 

  • Science and Spirituality: Manifestation and Abundance 




  • The Nature of Reality


  • Truth and Understanding 

  • Universal Ideas and Current Regimes 


  • Abundance: Manifesting and Authenticity 

  • From Development to Evolution 


  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Change-Making 

  • From Order to Creativity: Programming for Change 

  • From Structure to Freedom: Institution Building for a New Paradigm




  • Science and Spirituality: Everything is Energy 

  • Abundance and Manifestation

  • Entering the Flow: The Way of Yin