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"You are Infinite...

you can do anything and everything, you are Almighty"

swami vivekananda

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"Spolosophy" is an amalgam of three words: 'Spiritual', 'Political' and 'Philosophy'.

It reflects the different aspects of who I am. 

As With-In, So With-Out​


Science is now beginning to understand what ancient civilisations and knowledge systems have taught for thousands of years: that physical realities are a manifestation of energetic or vibratory realities. That is, our physical reality reflects the frequency of our vibration.

Through the field of quantum physics we have discovered that our consciousness is interacting with a field of pure potential, a field of infinite posssibilities. That in fact, all possibilities are occurring simultaneously across all fractals of time, and it is our consciousness that selects one possibility and brings that particular possibility into our physical reality. In essence, we literally create our realities with our consciousness.  


As we elevate the frequency of our energetic vibration, so too does our physical reality elevate. As we evolve our consciousness, so too does our physical world evolve. The real power - the space from which all change is possible - is our consciousness. Our real power is the power within. 

Spolosophy is about helping unlock this power, in our individual lives and in our world, to unfold possibilities that lie beyond our current consciousness.

"What is most needed right now is evolving human consciousness. Without that, science, technology, development, everything will go to waste"


Finding the Unknown

Our current systems and models are breaking down under the pressures of today's world. They are no longer working in the way they appeared to, in previous times. Moreover change is accelerating - everything is speeding up, and projecting potential futures with the existing levels of consciousness does not produce bright outcomes. 

If we are to create a different world - an inclusive world; a world where diversity is not a source of conflict but a prized asset; a world where we can use the abundance resources of earth without harming Her or each other; a world where everyone is free to fulfill their own dreams and potential - then we need different pathways. - unknown pathways. 

Known pathways will produce known outcomes. It is only from the unknown that we can birth into our world new ways of thinking, doing and being, that can result in new systems and models. 

The Unknown is a scary place for most of us. True. Our fears project into the future, negative, dangerous outcomes. But if we access our Higher Consciousness and Create from a place of total truth, and align with that truth, then the possibilities that can form are beyond our wildest dreams. The most beautiful transformative creations that have come to pass have always come from following our Truth. From Gandhi and Martin Luther King, to Einstein and Nikola Tesla - each one refused to limit their hearts and minds to what was already known. 

The Spolosophy symbol is an infinity sign within a heart. The Heart is the gateway to infinity - through the Heart we can transcend Time and Space and access all knowledge in the Cosmos. Human Consciousness is the very Consciousness of the Cosmos, and through the Heart we can connect to everything.  

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Towards Abundance

Abundance is the concept of infinity manifested in the physical world. Infinity is not a concept that can be understood with the mind. The mind cannot understand what never begins or ever ends. That can only be experienced.

Our present reality is based on a scarcity mindset - the more you have, the less I have. Our physical infrastructure and economic systems result in a few with vast wealth, and the majority barely surviving.  Abundance is possible, and it is all around us. In the sky, in the sea, in the trees, in our hearts. More can give rise to more. When we love, we elevate those around us and they in turn expand and elevate those around them. It is an infinite chain. 

Abundance is a state of over-flow. It is an expanded consciousness that allows us to access and create peace, love, joy, freedom, creativity, beauty, truth, fun, fulfilment, energy, alive-ness. It enables us to harness ​and harmonise. It is ease and grace, even through challenge. It is what we all desire. And it is possible, when work from within.

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