"All power is within"

Swami Vivekenanda

About Spolosophy

Spolosophy is a vehicle for elevating human consciousness and creativity. It is based on the premise that the world is a projection of our consciousness, and that changes in our consciousness therefore change our world.


The word "Spolosophy" comes from a combination of three words: 'Spiritual', 'Political' and 'Philosophy'. Spolosophy is in essence, spiritual wisdom and its application in the world.​ The fundamental and underpinning belief of Spolosophy is that 'All Power is Within'. We have been used to understanding power as authority. But, that definition lacks the understanding that all physical realities are a manifestation of a spiritual of energetic, or vibratory reality. Thus, the only REAL power is spiritual power.


We have also been used to focusing on developing the capacities of the mind and body, as the primary tools of operation in the world. But as we elevate our consciousness, we begin to use another power, through our Hearts, which are not limited by fear nor constrained by time and space. All great lives were lived from the Heart. Through them we can access all wisdom and knowledge in the cosmos. Spolosophy is about helping you unlock this power, in your life and your work. 


Spolosophy facilitates change using a combination of powerful tools, ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science to empower people, projects and organisations to become the most powerful version of themselves. Through the promotion of authenticity, collaboration and leadership, Spolosophy contributes to the creation of a world that goes far beyond the limits of the imagination.

Spolosophy Philosophy on this Site


Spolosophy incorporates the spiritual philosophy it shares into all aspects of its infrastructure. Read a little more about how we do this below. 

Infinity and Abundance

Whilst the mind and body operate in time and space, consciousness operates in infinity. You will see the infinity sign at the end of each quote on the website, as it represents the infinite power of truth - which continues to resonate through time and space. It also represents the abundance that results from wisdom.


Abundance is an important theme in Spolosophy Philosophy. The present reality of the world is built upon a scarcity mindset - the more you have, the less I have. Our infrastructure is one where a few have a lot leaving the majority with a little. Abundance however is the concept of infinity, manifested in the physical world - the more there is, the more there is. There is plenty for all. Abundance goes far beyond financial prosperity. Abundance is about joy, beauty, wellness, meaning, purpose, fulfilment, experience, growth, expansion and infinite potential. 


Through the elevation of consciousness, Spolosophy aims to increase abundance in the physical plane - for clients, partners and the world. Moreover, abundance is at the heart of the Spolosophy infrastructure: instead of pricing services, Spolosophy uses an Abundance Agreement which is based on the buddhist principle of Dana. Learn more here.



Unity in Diversity and The Four Elements

The major theme of fire was chosen in the Spolosophy design because it represents transformation: the destruction of our egos, the purification of our minds. As Jesus once said: "I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled!" (Luke 12:49-53). Fire also symbolises passion: our life-line in this world, what drives us... what makes us feel alive.

Simultaneously, it was important to appreciate the power in all four elements and you will see earth, air, fire and water have been incorporated into the design of this website. The relationship between elements is non-hierarchical: water quenches fire; earth absorbs water and air displaces earth. Each of the four elements represent different aspects of existence and different aspects of ourselves. In spiritual philosophy there is no hierarchy: "Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow."" (The Talmud).


Spolosophy is a vehicle of transformation for people from all walks of life and all corners of the earth - for those who value and focus on different elements in the world. It is for organisations big and small, for those with global visions and for those with local roots. Its teachings, transformation techniques and facilitation processes are accessible and available for all who desire more.