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The Heart

The Heart is not physical, but energetic. It is the seat of the Soul, the driver of Destiny. It is not like the Mind, which thinks. Rather, it Knows. When you focus on the Heart, there at the centre of your body, at the intersection of your abdomen and chest… there inside… you feel a gentle tingling… warmth, excitement, happiness, peace. It makes you Smile. The Heart is the generator of Joy. It expresses this joy through waves of energy. The state of your Heart affects everything around you. The food you eat, the water you drink, the people you meet, and the thoughts you think.

Ask the Heart a question, then focus and listen. It has all the answers. If you do not receive an answer, leave the question with the Heart, and wait. It will answer at the right time. The Heart knows when you are ready to Hear and to Act. Once you receive from your Heart, you are not the same. Permanently changed, because True Knowledge shifts your very Being. Ignore it at your peril, for the outside world is a Mirror of your Heart, and if you don’t follow, it will make you, it will shake you.

If you let the Heart lead you, then the Mind becomes the tool it was meant to. Not the driver of fear and confusion, telling you this, telling you that. Let the Heart lead you and the mind do the work that comes after. The body contains the all.

The Heart is Wisdom. Untold and endless. Wisdom you don’t know, and you have. The Heart gives answers without calculation, but like magic, it appears. Faintly at first, then brighter and brighter, until you see in your Mind’s Eye. If. You. Focus. You cannot Hear with your ear, but you Feel and See, and Hear and Know.

Your Heart is the connection to the Divine, your personal super computer, a meridian to God. It cannot be emptied or filled, simply opened to express. The Heart yearns to Share. It overflows with smiles and tears. It Pains to make you Feel Love in Grief. It cannot break, but it can crack Open to reveal Truth.

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