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“Evolve and your entire Life Evolves”


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Hero: The journey of you in this world

The Hero sets out on a journey into the wide world, to find her fortune. Along the way, he finds friends, faces monsters and villains, falls in love, and discovers the truth of who she is.


The story of the Hero is the story of each one of us. We are all on a journey. Even if we don't know it. 

HERO is a programme that will dive deep into the question of Your Existence, and Your Role in the Cosmos. It will take you back and forth, between the two Worlds of the Spiritual and the Physical. It is a programme of Empowerment - to help you Innerstand the Power that is Within You, and How to Use it to Fulfil your Highest Destiny. 

Through teachings, meditations and experiential practices and exercises, HERO is a weaving together of different strands of Knowledge and Wisdom from around the world, across time, and of my own Creation.

Who is this Course For​?

This course is for you, if you're looking for MORE. MORE Meaning, MORE Purpose, MORE Connection, MORE Power. MORE Trust. MORE Abundance. MORE Life. 

Whether you are a Healer, a Teacher, a Human Rights Lawyer, a Student, a Retiree, A CEO or a Cleaner.  If you want to step into Your Destiny, this Course is for YOU. 

Online Program

“I believe Neha's mission is to bring out the best in you. She gives you that little nudge required to grow  you to your full potential and she does it ever so gracefully, without pressure, but simply by inspiring you to be the best version of yourself. If you come across her class, take it..”

su olgac



“Neha takes me deeper than anybody else. She has a gift of guiding a soul deeper and deeper and deeper on their journey. The knowledge and wisdom that she expresses is exactly what each soul needs"

zee walters

artist & energetic coach

south africa

"I always consider speaking with Neha not only a breath of fresh air, but a learning moment for me"

James christoff

former ambassador to south sudan


Step into a world that takes you deeper... Deeper into who you truly are, and why you're here. 

Reach beyond your boundaries and limits. Choose More for your Self, your Life and this World.  

Is this for Me?


Many times, the very thing that we desire and need most, we resist. We resist it because it takes us into places that are different or unknown, that we may not feel is within our comfort zone. But there is no growth in the comfort zone. If you want to expand and evolve, you are going to have to do start stepping out into other spaces. Opening your Self to the Unknown. Here's a few tips on how to know if this course is calling you:

  • Does something call or stir in you when you see the poster, or when you read about it? Do you keep coming back to it?

  • Do you desire a space outside of your every day life, to find more connection and to go deeper?

  • If you had all the money and time in the world, would you take this course?


If you answered yes to these questions, then take a leap of faith, and join. You won't know where the journey takes you until you start walking. 

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