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“You cannot solve a Problem using the same level of thinking that created it.”

Albert Einsten

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Deep Work

How do we move from having a job, to answering our Calling? How can we go beyond limited, realism and step into limitless creativity and possibility? How do we access deeper intelligence and Higher Consciousness to bring our desires into reality in this World? 


 stepping into and creating from the Great Unknown?


Imagine the power of shifting from working in the effectual plane, where physical reality manifests, into accessing the causal plane, the quantum field, where physical reality is created? ​

Deep Work

There are all manner of work processes that use logic and rationality to help us work in the world - from assessments, design techniques, projections, analysis, goal-setting, bench-marking and so on and so forth. But where does inspiration come from? How does innovation happen? Where does greatness start? How is it translated into success?

I have combined knowledge gained through my diverse experience in leading projects and organisations in some of the most difficult, complex and fast-changing situations in the world, using ancient principles and wisdom, and the cutting edge science on the powers and modalities of human creativity to develop Deep Thinking.


Deep Thinking is a unique process that accesses intelligence in a different way, to help you, your team and your organisation move from working to creating, from projecting to visioning, from team to collaborators. Deep Thinking is a process that takes your organisational thinking from standard to exceptional in just a few short sessions. It helps you build real passion and energy within the team and forge unique and exciting pathways to success. Whether you want to revamp your organisational vision or project design, or you just want to get your team together to explore possibilities, Deep Work is a creative and energising process to lift your team, your organization and it work to its highest potential.

What Will You Get From Deep Thinking?

Because your organisation, your work, your context and where you're at in your trajectory is different to to other organisations, you will have a unique experience.  However, these are common features of that experience:

  • Clarity and vision

  • Passion and energy

  • Deeper connection, coherence, collaboration and commitment within a team 

  • Knowledge and understanding of spiritual principles and approaches to work 

  • New tools and techniques to incorporate into your organisation or project process
  • A map of your organisation or project that allows you to see its expansion at a glance
  • A deep philosophy for your work

What can you Use Deep Thinking For?
  • Team Building

  • Inspiration and Motivation

  • Leadership Development

  • Vision-Building

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Project design

  • Organisational Reflection and Development

Deep Thinking combines the wisdom and intuition of the Heart and the power of the Intellect to help initiatives and organisations utilize internal resources they didn’t know they had, to fulfill their highest potential and create extraordinary work.

Bespoke Deep Work Programmes


I also design tailored programmes for organisations and teams, that combine different aspects of Spolosophy that result in unique workshops, courses and programmes where your particular needs and and areas of interest are focused on. Bespoke Programmes are extremely effective because they combine the major elements of the set Deep Thinking process as well tailored Deep Learning workshops and classes. Bespoke Programmes provide you with capacities, knowledge, processes and techniques that leave your organisation or project fully empowered for the future.

More About the Process

Deep Thinking uses a step-by-step approach that has been developed through more than fifteen years of engagement in the field. It generally includes the following elements:

Collaborative Visioning

Collaborative visioning is a process by which organisations can tap into the inner visions of team members to create a powerful collective vision of the future. Collaborative Visioning is the most powerful and forward-thinking approach to creation as it locks the inherent talents of each team member into the project, building commitment and energy, and creating an exciting and totally unique pathway for your organization's work, placing you at a starting point that is miles ahead of the rest.



Progress doesn’t follow a straight line. Collaborative visioning is just the first step in deep thinking. The next stage is to map the outcomes of the process in a coherent flow. This gives you the ability to visually see the future you are creating, as a map that will guide your organization / initiative. This gives you the power of oversight and overstanding, seeing your strategy from the highest vantage point.


Pillars and Fundamentals

Now that you have done the big picture thinking, you will need to think about the fundamentals or pillars that will guide you at every step of the journey. You will also need to decide where to start and what you will need (or need to change). This final part of the process will help you unfurl your wings and fly!

Accompaniment and Advisory

In some cases, you may wish for more regular facilitation and/or advisory along the way. I offer accompaniment services to projects and organisations that provides additional guidance and support over a period of time, until you feel it is no longer necessary.

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