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Healer: A Masterclass Series

For Healers and Seekers. Find the Keys to your own Healing Powers. Navigate the Deep Waters of the Healing Realm. Heal Yourself and the World.
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Hero: The Journey of You in this World

What is your Highest Potential and How do you get there? The Hero's Journey is the Journey to your Highest Destiny - to all Your True Desires, and To Becoming All That you Are.



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Healer Masterclass: 1 Healer Heal ThySelf

Healer Masterclass: 1 Healer Heal ThySelf

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Every being in the cosmos is a Healer, no matter what you do. In this masterclass we look at what Healing is, our unique soul purpose(s) and how we can access greater power in that purpose. This masterclass includes a powerful 35min meditation that (re)-initiates you as a Healer and begins a healing process for a new level of your power.  


If you'd like to share after watching the masterclass, I'd love to hear from you, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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