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“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift... the rational mind is a faithful servant."

Albert Einsten

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Deep Clarity

When we fully understand our circumstances and their roots and multiple facets, our body begins to reorganise itself into a whole state of Clarity. When we are operating from Clarity, confidence and aligned action are effortless, and seamlesslly work together to move us into the reality we wish to create. 

Intuition is an ancient way of accessing valuable information, insight and guidance into situations and realities that exists outside the realm of our conscious minds. Rather than using analysis or deduction, intuition is a receptive process, that opens us up to tap into realms of information that transcend time and space.

Many of the great spiritual traditions gained profound and scientifically accurate understandings of the Universe through intuition. The great Rishis (or 'Seers') of India, received the Vedic knowledge systems and teachings through Intuition. Even today, many successful individuals often use intuition to guide their decision making, because although we may have a lot of factual information, which way to we choose to go, will often be more a feeling process than a deducing process.


You can harness the power of intuition to move towards clarity and aligned action in your life and in your work. Intuitive readings offer a unique pathway to understand the deeper currents of your subconscious mind and the universe itself.

Why Intuition?

In a world often dominated by rational thinking and logical analysis, intuition offers a powerful alternative – a gateway to higher possibilities and pathways to solving problems. While rational thinking has its place, intuition operates on a different level, accessing insights and truths that may elude the conscious mind.

The Power of Intuition

Intuition is not just a whimsical notion; it is a powerful force that resides within each of us. It draws upon our accumulated wisdom, experiences, and inner knowing to provide guidance and direction. As renowned psychologist Carl Jung once said, "Intuition is perception via the unconscious." It taps into a reservoir of knowledge and understanding that transcends the limitations of conscious thought.

Why Choose an Intuitive Reading?

An intuitive reading offers an experience tailored to your unique needs and questions. Intuition is  potent tool for navigating life's complexities and uncovering hidden truths. Open yourself to the power of intuition and open yourself to a world of infinite possibilities. Book an intuitive reading and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Intuition is the next frontier in the evolution of human society. Through intuition we can transcend time and space and access knowledge that is far beyond the means of the rational. 

What Can Intuitive Guidance Help You With?

I offer one-to-one and group sessions to access and channel information and guidance. Whether you are interested in discovering your soul's purpose and your unique gifts, or you have a professional challenge and you'd like to see pathways to the Highest Possible Outcome, intuition can offer you information and guidance that the conscious mind just cannot access. 


These are some of the areas of life in which Deep Clarity can be used to facilitate purpose, higher outcomes and change. I often work with clients to address a combination of issues through a series of sessions. 

  • Professional life, direction, challenges and circumstances

  • Relationships and love

  • Life Purpose and Destiny

  • Abundance, financial prosperity, manifestation and flow

  • Mind-body dis-ease and connection

  • Grief and loss

  • General life issues

  • Work challenges, opportunities and pathways to Higher Possibilities

  • Conflict and Peace processes 


Neha's intuition is always spot on.  I am so grateful to have met her. My life is completely different because of the work I have done with her. 

Tech Entrepreneur

I am still in so much awe of my Soul Reading.  It resonated and confirmed so much for me.  My time with Neha illuminated so much for me. Her incredible gift, wisdom and gentle guidance are wonderful to encounter. 

Communications Specialist
South Africa

Initially Neha's intuition is a little freaky, but it is so helpful because you will discover issues that you didn't see before or couldn't. It gives you a lot of clarity. Coming out of a session you know yourself a whole lot more. 

Finance Consultant / Musician


  • Want to understand more? Have some questions? Have a call with me.

  • Find Clarity and Receive Guidance from Higher Consciousness

    111 US dollars
  • A Comprehensive Once-in-a-Lifetime Reading

    333 US dollars
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