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"Even after all this time the Sun has never told the Earth

'You owe me,'

look what happens with a love like that,

it lights the whole sky"


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Financial Philosophy

The teachings I share are beyond value. They cannot be priced or commodified. 

In many spiritual traditions, teachings are shared as a duty and calling. In return, students give offerings to sustain the life of the teacher. Such offerings are called Dana, which means' generosity' or 'giving'. What and how much is given varies from person to person. 


Spolosophy is about applying spiritual principles and knowledge in life and in the world. These terms are a practice for myself and for those I share knowledge with, in giving and receiving with non-attachment and from the Heart. 

The world's infrastructure is currently a product of scarcity consciousness. We have all the technology to allow every human and being on the planet a free and fulfilling life. Yet people die of obesity in one country and of famine in another. In order to truly shift the world to theAbundance, which is the true nature of the physical world, we need to incorporate abundant principles into our economic and financial systems. We also need to shift our consciousness.We need to trust in people. We need to de-link our value from our earnings. We need to embody the concept of abundance.


The work I do is my vocation - I offer it as a professional service; but I recognise that different individuals will be in different material circumstances and that this should not be a barrier to accessing the spiritual wisdom that is our birthright.


These terms are written in recognition that the teachings I share belong to everyone and to the Source of All Truth. My gift is to interpret and express them in a unique and relevant way, combining them with the knowledge, insight and understanding I have gained through my own experience. 

Spolosophy Financial Philosophy, applied to the classes I teach, are therefore this: 

Give what your Heart wishes to give. 

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